Adobe ColdFusion 8 Certification

With the arrival of a new version of ColdFusion, will no doubt come a new certification exam. Not everyone agrees on the precise value of a vendor certification exam, but if you are an instructor in the Adobe Authorized Training world, … then certification exams are just part of the game. Also, wether or not vendor certification can be tracked to a specific level of value simply depends on how you leverage that certification to market your skills. – imho

As far as the ColdFusion exam goes, there are sparce resources out there for preparation, but the resources that you have are excelent. The baseline study guide is of course the Forta – ColdFusion MX7 Study Guide – which I am sure will be updated for version 8. Also, don’t forget to check out the Adobe Certification Examination Specification

If you want to prep further you might want to purchase the ColdFusion Exam Buster from CentraSoft. This study tool has 875 questions in 13 predefined tests designed to help you prepare for all aspects of the actual ColdFusion Certification exam. This tool will definitely be updated for version 8.

One last tool that I can recommend is a site that I found just a few days ago. The CF Questions Site is a repository of questions created by members of a ColdFusion certification study group. Anyone that would like to jion and contribute to this site can share information to assist in passing the ColdFusion exam. There is even a rating system for each question that corresponds with a chapter in the Forta Study Guide. What a great idea!

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