Adobe Launches New AIR Marketplace

Adobe AIR Marketplace

Adobe AIR Marketplace

Adobe launched a new version of the AIR Marketplace this week with a number of enhancements that should make it easier to find AIR applications as well as make the process for submitting them much easier. There are quite a few new applications being added and they are still offering a free developer certificate so that you can sign the AIR apps you create. Some of the new features include the following:

The ability for a developer to specify a link to purchase the application. While the Marketplace does not enable e-commerce transactions directly, users can click on a link to purchase an application from the the developer’s website.

Enhanced feedback support where users can rate, review, comment and flag an application to provide feedback to the developer. In addition, users can share applications with colleagues and friends and also subscribe to RSS feeds from the Marketplace.

A new self-service web interface that allows developers to manage their profile and applications. Developers can also view download statistics, ratings and reviews through a new application dashboard.

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