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This has been a big news week for anyone that is interested and/or working in Adobe Flex or ColdFusion. On Monday Adobe Systems announced the final versions of Flash Builder 4 and the Flex 4 SDK. In Flash Builder 4, it is easier than ever to connect to back-end services with a complete set of data centric development features. There are also many new design and development workflows with Flash Catalyst and Flash Professional, as well as enhancements to the core code development features that are essential to developer productivity. There are over 90 new features in this release, and you can use them with both Flex 3 and Flex 4 to gain big improvements in development time, integration and building more expressive apps.

In sync with the release of Adobe Flash Builder, Adobe also announced the release of ColdFusion Builder. This new Eclipse-based IDE for ColdFusion development is deeply integrated with ColdFusion 9 in addition to making it fast and easy for CF developers to create Flex applications with integration between ColdFusion Builder and Flash Builder. ColdFusion Builder comes with a copy of Flash Builder 4 Standard.

It is not difficult to find great information, free tutorials, and blog articles on this new software release, but here is a quick link listing if you are looking for more:

Adobe.com Flash Builder 4 Landing Page

Purchase Options for Flash Builder and ColdFusion Builder

The New Flex.org Website

What’s New in Flash Builder 4

Learn Adobe Flex in a Week – Free Flash Builder Online Training

Developers Speak Out About Flash Builder 4

Online Adobe Flash Training

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