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The Online Flash Platform Meeting for the month of October will be on the new features of FDT4. The time is Hawaiian Time (HST). For more information about FDT, please visit their website


To sign up for this session, please join us at: http://www.meetup.com/onlineflashplatform/

This month John Barrett will be hosting Michael Plank from PowerFlasher as he covers the new features in FDT4.  John blogs a lot about FDT as well, so if you have any questions in general about FDT, please feel free to contact him directly.  John will give a brief introduction to FDT, then Michael Plank from PowerFlasher will be given this talk and will be demonstrating the new features in FDT4.

Topic to be included:
SDK Management
Completely new SDK management and project setup makes it simple to switch Flex SDKs, or change the project type easily.
New Profiler will help you find memory leaks more quickly and optimize the performance of your Flash/Flex projects.
Project Templates
Choose from a list of available project templates in the “New Project Wizard” or easily create your own using a simple XML format.
Launcher Chain
Chain multiple launch configurations in any desired order to setup complex build processes fast and easy and adapt FDT to your project team workflow.
Additional Flex Support
Flex support was improved dramatically, it includes FXG, Flex 4 States and the new MXML 2009 language tags now. Also added Flex 4 support for the Debugger, Organize Imports, Quickfixes, Formatter and Toggle Comment in MXML.
Dependency Visualizer
View the dependencies between Classes and Interfaces or between packages visually to detect design or dependency problems at a glance.
Font Library Creator
Create font library SWF, Actionscript or SWC files with just a few clicks by using the new Font Library Editor.
Advanced Formatter
More options in the AS3/MXML Formatter settings to configure your preferred code style or follow your team code guidelines.
Faster Compiler
Full and incremental build times have decreased tremendously while memory consumption was dramatically reduced, this is especially noticeable in bigger projects with multiple modules.

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