Top New Features of Adobe After Effects CS5

After Effects CS5

Native 64-bit OS support—Get the most out of your hardware investment: Native 64-bit support means After
Effects can use all available RAM, so it’s easier to work efficiently on complex HD, 2k, and 4k projects.

Roto Brush—Isolate moving foreground elements from their backgrounds in a fraction of the time it used
to take. Identify foreground and background elements and then let the Roto Brush automatically create
transparency for you. Refine edges easily for extremely precise results.

mocha for After Effects—Experience the powerful new capabilities of this popular 2.5D planar tracker,
included with After Effects CS5. Masks are now trackable, have variable width feather, and can be applied
directly to layers in After Effects using mocha shape.

AVC Intra and enhanced RED support—Work natively with tapeless footage from the newest high-quality
Panasonic cameras thanks to AVC-Intra 50 and AVC-Intra 100 support. Work natively with RED R3D formats,
and gain additional controls for working with raw footage.

Auto-Keyframe mode—Animate quickly by automatically setting a starting keyframe at the current time.
Dozens of enhancements—Realize productivity gains from dozens of customer-requested refinements.
Enhancements include a new Refine Matte effect, the ability to align layers to a composition’s boundaries,
and importing additional Adobe Photoshop® adjustment layer types.

Color lookup table (LUT) support—Easily manage consistent color in your workflow with popular color LUT
formats to simulate film and alternate devices or to apply different looks to your footage.

Color Finesse—Enjoy an enhanced color correction workflow with Color Finesse LE 3, included with After
Effects CS5. New features include vibrance controls similar to those in Adobe Photoshop Lightroom software,
hue and saturation curve controls, and highlight recovery.

Digieffects FreeForm
—Turn flat objects into virtually any 3D shape using this popular 3D mesh warp plug-in
by Digieffects.

Collaborative online services—Initiate reviews and collect client feedback on dailies, storyboards, and edited
works in progress with new Adobe CS Live online services.

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