Adobe Captivate Publishing Projects as SWF and SCORM Compliance

Adobe Captivate Publishing Projects as SWF and SCORM Compliance:  In this Adobe Captivate lesson, you will learn how to publishing projects as SWF and create a SCORM compliant package ready for upload to an LMS. (Learning Management System)

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  1. David C. Skousen February 26, 2014

    While this is great for techies, for a creative person lacking techie know-how and love of details and endless acronyms, this is far too complicated to navigate. It needs to be given to someone who can simplify and hasten all processes via logical and visual ease with underlining of acronyms or terms for the beginner that can be defined instantly by clicking each mystery word, etc., until they learn the lingo.

    A general layout and action approach should guide initial audio/visual construction, and then polish with refinements that are not in your way t first. Far too many options are available in Caption windows until one learns his way around. Even then, it seems too cumbersome for my brain. But, who am I to judge everybody else? Good luck with this huge and great project!

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