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Adobe Captivate 5 Adding a Rollover Image

In this Adobe Captivate Training Video you will learn how to create images in Adobe Fireworks CS6 for import into Adobe Captivate. You will also learn the steps to adding a Rollover Image to a slide in Adobe Captivate 5. This video is part of the VHOT Training Adobe Captivate Free learning series.

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Adobe CS6 and Creative Cloud – A Compelling Upgrade!

Adobe Creative Cloud

Over the years Adobe Systems has excelled at creating software that abstracts the latest technology in a way that makes it easy designers to express unique ideas and deliver those ideas in a variety of media. Whether you’re editing an image with Photoshop, creating vector graphics in Illustrator, or laying out a page in InDesign, their goal has always been to give you total creative freedom along with the control and precision to ensure the highest quality when it comes to production. But as times have changed, creating content is no longer enough….

Most designers agree, that there are 3 main areas of challenges:
1. More and more content to create
2. They don’t have time to learn new skills
3. Content discovery is a problem now that media is so fragmented.

More and more content to create

There are new types of content appearing all the time, and the two year upgrade cycles are too slow to accommodate these shifts. For example the first iPad was launched literally weeks after they shipped CS5. Can you imagine if you had to wait until next month before Adobe added any features that would make it easier for people to create content for the iPad? Therefore, Adobe has been investing in different product models so they can be more nimble when it comes to delivering this kind of technology.

Learning new skills

Adobe is also investing extensive resources to make sure designers can create more content types using the tools they already know (e.g. digital publishing with InDesign, video with Photoshop). Another objective is to make sure that all of the new tools leverage existing paradigms that designers are comfortable with – so rather than expecting them to learn to write code, we’re looking at how we can help them create websites using the same approaches they use for page layout.

Content discovery is a problem now that media is so fragmented.

With people accessing information in so many different ways (social, mobile, tablets…) getting your clients messages in front of people in the right way at the right time is harder than ever. So another recent top objective of Adobe Systems is to make it easier to not only create different types of content, but to be able to efficiently distribute or publish that content.

Longer term, by offering these publishing services, designers will have access to the type of reports and data that will help them understand the effectiveness of their work.

Adobe Creative Suite CS6

Enter Adobe Creative Cloud!

With the Adobe Creative Cloud, you can now:

Get the World’s Best Tools: Download all CS6 and other desktop tools – plus integrate with Adobe Touch Apps, so you can work anywhere. Create mobile apps, tablet content, websites, print, interactive, videos… anything you can imagine.
Connect with the Community: Use intuitive cloud-based sync and store collaborate or share your ideas and access your work from anywhere. Get inspired by connecting with a global community of creatives.
Publish Anywhere: Easily publish and deliver content to the web and apps to iOS and Android smartphones and tablets. Get your work wherever it needs to go.
Stay a Step Ahead: Always have the most up-to-date technology. Get updates and new products the instant they become available, all included in the low monthly price.

Everything people love in Creative Suite is included. Every single CS application that is normally included in Master Collection. Plus, Adobe is including Acrobat. And Muse and Edge, which will not be part of Creative Suite but will be part of Creative Cloud, Lightroom, which is an incredible product for photography that is not included with any of the suites. And unlike the boxed version software, customers will have access to Windows and Mac versions of all of the desktop tools. Creative Cloud members receive early, immediate access to new features, upgrades, and services as they become available, at no additional cost, and have access to a robust online community where you can share your work, connect with peers, and be inspired.

The tools we use today are expanding beyond the desktop. Adobe is helping creative pros capture their ideas wherever and whenever creativity strikes with the Touch Apps. Adobe is also including cloud-based services that will allow you to create and access files anywhere you want, and publish anywhere you want. Finally, the Creative Cloud will also include an entire set of community resources to give you the inspiration, training, and support you need to be successful.

The idea behind the included the services is the ability to leverage new technologies to help streamline processes that take place before and after content creation. This includes the entire creative process, from capturing ideas while you’re on the go, through to publishing that content anywhere.

Key Design Trends

Here is a great example of this workflow for the Designer that uses Adobe Photoshop.

• Start your work in Photoshop Touch or Collage, some of the Adobe Touch Apps available for iPad and Android tablets
• Sync your files through the Creative Cloud to your Photoshop CS6 desktop application, where you take your initial designs further using the precision tools in Photoshop
• Send your work to Muse, a new desktop application that lets designers easily create standards-based websites
• Add some creative fonts with Typekit
• Publish your site to Business Catalyst, a hosted application for building and managing websites and online businesses
• The beauty of the Cloud is that what is available now, is just the beginning.

And here is another step through example including DPS:

• Start your work in Photoshop Touch or one of the other Adobe Touch Apps
• Add HTML5 interactivity in Adobe Edge
• Bring the work into InDesign, a very familiar environment for a designer
• Publish the content to an iPad using Digital Publishing Suite Single Edition – Creative Cloud members can publish an unlimited number of apps using our DPS solution

Adobe Creative Cloud Workflow

CS6 is without a doubt a large part of the value prop for Creative Cloud. One important clarification is that even though this is called Creative Cloud it doesn’t mean that the products are in the Cloud, after you subscribe, you download the apps and install them on your local hard drive. Just like you use them today.

As always there are loads of new features in every single application that will delight designers and developers. For designers a few of the hottest new features include:

• Mercury performance in Photoshop and Illustrator.
• Pattern creation in Illustrator
• Gradients on strokes in Illustrator
• A group of features in InDesign make it easier for you to adapt a single set of content for multiple layouts.
• For those of you using Dreamweaver they have continued to expand support for HTML5 and CSS3, including a great new feature called Fluid Grid Layouts that makes it easier to design adaptive website layouts.

Fore more information about the Adobe Creative Cloud, visit http://www.adobe.com.

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