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ColdFusion Builder beta 3 was released on December 17, 2009. This release provides additional editing features, enhancements, and performance improvements over the last CF Beta version.

Adobe ColdFusion Builder is an Eclipse based IDE for ColdFusion development that is deeply integrated with ColdFusion 9. Now you can manage your entire ColdFusion development cycle from concept to production and work easily with Adobe FlexBuilder in one easy to use tool.

ColdFusion Builder provides a unified, customizable and extensible development environment to code applications, manage servers, and deploy projects. With ORM code generation, CFML code assist, CFC introspection, CFML file preview and integrated debugging, ColdFusion Builder is the rapid application development tool.

Ben Forta talking about the new features in ColdFusion 9:

Here are the links for public beta of ColdFusion 9:
ColdFusion 9 : http://labs.adobe.com/technologies/coldfusion9/
ColdFusion Builder : http://labs.adobe.com/technologies/coldfusionbuilder/

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Avatar and Adobe Software

Check out this video at Adobe TV featuring Jon Landau, Producer of “Avatar”, and see how Adobe software was used throughout the production of Avatar. In this single clip the following Adobe products were used:

Adobe Premiere Pro
Adobe Creative Suite Production Premium
Adobe Lightroom
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe After Effects

Adobe® Premiere® Pro CS4
Capture, edit, and deliver video online, on air, on disc, or on device. Adobe® Premiere® Pro CS4

Adobe® Creative Suite® 4 Production Premium!
Plan, create, and deliver anywhere with the intelligent post-production solution. Adobe® Creative Suite® 4 Production Premium!

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom.
Attention Photographers: Spend less time in front of the computer and more time behind the lens, with Adobe Photoshop Lightroom.

Adobe® Photoshop® CS4
Create powerful images with the professional standard. Adobe® Photoshop® CS4

Adobe® After Effects® CS4
Create motion graphics and visual effects with the industry standard. Adobe® After Effects® CS4

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Adobe Flash Conference – FITC Amsterdam 2010

FITC began as a Flash festival back in 2002 and they have kept Flash at the core of most of the events; but they have also expanded and have continued to add more diverse topics over the years, ever expanding the scope and width of the events. From Adobe Flash to Motion Design, Adobe FLEX to AIR, Mobile and more, FITC events always stand apart as unique and exciting experiences that inspire, educate and challenge.

The FITC events do a great job of bringing like-minded people together. Presenters and attendees who have a passion for the industry for, flash, design and the new and exciting; FITC events bring them together to learned, be inspired and challenged to improve.

The FITC conferences are all about the presentations; a variety of presentations both technical and creative, are presented by hand-picked Adobe Software creative professionals from around the world who are all eager to share their knowledge and expertise. Most of the FITC events have multiple tracks of presentations to choose from. BUT, what it is really all about is the networking. Being able to meet and talk to other people who share your passion for this industry. Meet them at the presentations, in the exhibitor hall, or at one of the evening parties. Oh yeah! PARTY! All fun and no play makes for a really boring conference! FITC parties are always a great time!

FITC is a great investment if you are an Adobe Flash Designer, Adobe Flash Developer, creative professional and anyone with an interest in Flash and digital media. From the technical presentations for the beginner, the intermediate, and advanced, to the inspirational creative sessions, there is always something to that will push your skills and help you learn.

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Top Reasons to Upgrade to Adobe Soundbooth CS5

Adobe Soundbooth CS5

Improved multitrack editing—Mix and edit multitrack projects with more control. Go straight
into multitrack view when opening Soundbooth. Collapse or expand each track to maintain visual
accuracy. Scale track height to see entire mixes or individual tracks. Split clips or copy and drag
clips to different tracks.

More royalty-free sound effects and Soundbooth Scores
—Kick-start your soundtrack with
royalty-free content: More than 10,000 sound effects and over 130 customizable Soundbooth
Scores are now available. Drag and drop sound effects or scores into your multitrack project to
customize, combine, and layer.

Fast audio cleanup—Automatically detect and fix common flaws in audio recordings such as hisses,
hums, buzzing, phase problems, crackling, and pops. Create special audio effects or add reverb to match
on-location room ambience.

Visual healing tools to remove individual sounds—Visually edit your audio with frequency space
editing workflows. See phase problems and background noises and fix them with standard graphics
editing tools.

Multitrack support—Create your own soundtrack by combining multiple audio clips on multiple
tracks. Combine with Soundbooth Scores and sound effects. Enhancements in Soundbooth CS5
include multitrack track resizing and multitrack default view.

More ready-to-use audio assets—Select from over 130 royalty-free Soundbooth Scores and
thousands of sound effects in Resource Central, and then drag and drop them directly into your
project to customize, combine, or layer multiple scores and effects.

Recording and mastering of audio clips—Record mono or stereo files. Use streamlined mastering tools
to polish your file to clarify vocals, make your music sparkle, and give the whole soundtrack presence
and punch.

Tight integration with other Adobe Creative Suite tools—Create and edit audio in Soundbooth,
and then move it effortlessly to Adobe Premiere Pro or Adobe Flash Professional. Drive animation
or create captions through ActionScript by exporting Soundbooth markers as XML or in FLV format.

Nondestructive audio editing—The Adobe Sound Document format packages single or multiple
tracks into a nondestructive ASND file that can be easily shared with Adobe Premiere Pro or Flash
Professional software.

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ColdFusion 9 and Flex 4 Pre-release Tour – Atlanta, GA

Continuing a long tradition of innovation, Adobe is pushing the boundaries of the Adobe Flash Platform with exciting new releases for Flash, Flex, and ColdFusion designers, developers, and administrators. Join us as Ben Forta, Adobe’s Director of Platform Evangelism, presents the future of ColdFusion, Flex, and more! On the ColdFusion side, Ben will talk about the upcoming releases of ColdFusion (currently known by the code name Centaur) and the highly anticipated first ColdFusion IDE from Adobe (currently known by the code name Bolt). You’ll learn about exciting new features and discover how Centaur and Bolt will accelerate your ColdFusion application development. On the Flex side, Ben will talk about the next release of Flex (currently known by the code name Gumbo). You’ll see product feature demos and learn how Gumbo breaks new ground for not only developers but also designers as it powers the design, development, and testing of rich Internet applications and content. And of course, Ben will explain and demonstrate the power of ColdFusion and the power of Adobe Flex working together!

If you have heard Ben present you already know how engaging and informative this presentation will be; if you haven’t ever had the pleasure of attending one of Ben’s presentations, trust us — you want to be there!

Who: Ben Forta
What: ColdFusion 9 and Flex 4 Pre-release Tour
When: Monday, June 8. 6:00 – 9:00PM

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Adobe Flash CS4 Free Seminar – Tips, Tricks, and New Features

Wanna learn some tips, tricks, and new features of Adobe Flash CS4? Come on out to a free seminar in Atlanta, GA. During this short seminar I will be presenting the new features of Adobe Flash CS4 including – object based animation, motion editor, XFL import, SEO Tips and Tricks, and authoring for Adobe AIR. Other seminar speakers include Scott Talsma/Adobe Flex tips and tricks, and Scott DeLoach/Adobe Captivate tips and tricks.

This free Adobe Flash seminar will be at the open house on June 11th. The party starts at 6:30 and will include complementary food and drinks, free givaways including a full version of the Adobe Creative Suite CS4, 2-day training class, free weekend getaway at the Hyatt Place Atlanta, free complementary passes to the Motion Graphics Festival in Atlanta, and more.

RSVP and get directions for this event!
June 11, 2009 – 6:30pm

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