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Online Flash Platform Meetup – Reflex with Ben Stucki

Free Online Webinar – November 23rd! This meeting will be held 5:00 pm hawaiian Time (HST)

Ben Stucki is Chief Architect and CEO of Digital Analog LLC, where he creates some generally kick-ass web technology.

His ability to fuse powerful server-side technologies with advanced client-side rendering have made him a critical asset to projects such as Universal Mind’s SpatialKey and B-Line Medical’s SimCapture, and his contributions to open-source projects such as Degrafa, FlexLib and Reflex have earned him recognition as an industry leader.Today, Ben continues to explore the boundaries of what’s possible online at benstucki.net.

Reflex is extremely light weight yet powerful and do not rely on the Flex framework.
Reflex components are incredibly customizable, light-weight and easy to use. Try them in an AS3 project to get started and move to an MXML workflow when you need to create data intensive applications.
Reflex layouts are versatile and light-weight. They provide advanced measurement and invalidation when you need it and stay out of your way when you don’t.
Reflex skins allow you to control every aspect of a component’s visual appearance. From custom classes to animated MovieClips – or event just PNGs, we’ve got a solution to fit your workflow.
Reflex behaviors control how a component responds to user input. With behaviors you can customize existing functionality without breaking or rewriting the parts that already work.

For more information on this webinar and other Adobe Flash Platform seminars, join our group at: http://www.meetup.com/onlineflashplatform

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