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Top Reasons to Upgrade to Adobe Soundbooth CS5

Adobe Soundbooth CS5

Improved multitrack editing—Mix and edit multitrack projects with more control. Go straight
into multitrack view when opening Soundbooth. Collapse or expand each track to maintain visual
accuracy. Scale track height to see entire mixes or individual tracks. Split clips or copy and drag
clips to different tracks.

More royalty-free sound effects and Soundbooth Scores
—Kick-start your soundtrack with
royalty-free content: More than 10,000 sound effects and over 130 customizable Soundbooth
Scores are now available. Drag and drop sound effects or scores into your multitrack project to
customize, combine, and layer.

Fast audio cleanup—Automatically detect and fix common flaws in audio recordings such as hisses,
hums, buzzing, phase problems, crackling, and pops. Create special audio effects or add reverb to match
on-location room ambience.

Visual healing tools to remove individual sounds—Visually edit your audio with frequency space
editing workflows. See phase problems and background noises and fix them with standard graphics
editing tools.

Multitrack support—Create your own soundtrack by combining multiple audio clips on multiple
tracks. Combine with Soundbooth Scores and sound effects. Enhancements in Soundbooth CS5
include multitrack track resizing and multitrack default view.

More ready-to-use audio assets—Select from over 130 royalty-free Soundbooth Scores and
thousands of sound effects in Resource Central, and then drag and drop them directly into your
project to customize, combine, or layer multiple scores and effects.

Recording and mastering of audio clips—Record mono or stereo files. Use streamlined mastering tools
to polish your file to clarify vocals, make your music sparkle, and give the whole soundtrack presence
and punch.

Tight integration with other Adobe Creative Suite tools—Create and edit audio in Soundbooth,
and then move it effortlessly to Adobe Premiere Pro or Adobe Flash Professional. Drive animation
or create captions through ActionScript by exporting Soundbooth markers as XML or in FLV format.

Nondestructive audio editing—The Adobe Sound Document format packages single or multiple
tracks into a nondestructive ASND file that can be easily shared with Adobe Premiere Pro or Flash
Professional software.

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