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Adobe Captivate 5 Project Planning and Resources

In this Adobe Captivate tutorial, we will cover some basic resources for gathering graphic assets, planning your projects, and what professional software tools you may want to use when working with Adobe Captivate.

Check out the entire Adobe Captivate Training Course at Udemy.com!

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Adobe and HTML5 – New Visions for the Changing Landscape

Adobe Flash Mobile

Last week there was some BIG news coming from Adobe Systems. On the forefront was the news that they would cease further development on the mobile Flash Player, which is typically used to develop web sites, web applications, video, ads and rich media applications. Later in the week, they furthered the Flash Platform announcement with the news that they would move Adobe Flex to an unspecified open-source foundation; the new project leaders will include some of the original Flex SDK engineering team, along with developers from the Flex community. Further guidance of the project rests in the new governance committee, with the new committee to decide the framework’s direction.

In communication from corporate, they very clearly stated it would be best for them to focus on HTML5 as the future for mobile interactive features and animation, and discontinue Flash for mobile. While many people may see this as an inevitable transition, the announcement seemed abrupt for many Flash designers, animators and developers. It’s clear that Adobe sees HTML5 content creation as its future, but, for many developers invested in Flex and the Adobe Flash Platform, this will not be a simple transition of learning new software and buying into Adobe’s HTML5 vision.

Adobe Flash, Flash Builder, and the Flex Framework are powerful tools that HTML5 can not even come close to matching in its current state. It will take some time before the millions of sites already out there update to HTML5 and people tend to forget that the standards themselves don’t move as quickly as some would hope and imagine. HTML4, the predecessor, was officially published by the W3C in 1997—that’s 14 years ago!

After the dust has settled from the news last week, it seems that Adobe has simply confirmed that the landscape is changing and they are setting out to invest in the direction that makes sense for their corporate goals and their future customers. However, the take away point that seems to have been lost in the hype is that the Adobe Flash Platform is NOT DEAD! Adobe will continue investing in and promoting Flash for desktop browsers, as well as AIR on mobile devices. (AIR lets developers build apps in Flash, HTML, and other technologies, then package those apps to run on multiple platforms, including both mobile and desktop computers.)

With the news from the Adobe MAX conference of the mobile touch apps, HTML5 tools, and de-emphasis on Adobe Flash, Flash Builder, and Flex, this announcement was still a shock for many, however, it is important to remember that many of the new software solutions that Adobe is developing for their customers are built with the Adobe Flex/AIR framework. While they may not be focusing on the commercial sales of Adobe Flash Builder and trying to push the Flash Player on to every mobile device browser, they are continuing the investment in building their own solutions with the Adobe AIR runtime.

For the ever changing wild wild world of the web, Adobe has some new solutions up their sleeve that focus on HTML5 and the new supporting technologies that are rapidly becoming the standard for the web, mobile devices, and tables. Included in these new software solutions is Adobe Edge, Dreamweaver CS5.5, Typekit, and Phone Gap. Check out the official Adobe & HTML5 landing page for the latest developments.

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Free Online Flex Seminar – Bringing together Flex, Java, and DBMS with Yakov Fain

Free Flex Webinar

Bringing together Flex, Java and DBMS

The main goal of many enterprise applications is to provide a way to manipulate some data. Flex provides not only a rich library of UI components, but also a fast binary protocols that allow to efficiently move data between the server and the efficiently. In this presentation you’ll learn how to bring the data form a database using Java and BlazeDS in the middle tier. We’ll consider two use cases – manual coding and auto-generation of a CRUD application.

About the speaker

Yakov Fain is Managing Director at Farata Systems, a US-based company that provides consulting services in the field of development of enterprise Rich Internet applications. He authored several technical books, and dozens of articles on software development. Recently he co-authored the books “Rich Internet Applications with Adobe Flex and Java: Secrets of the Masters” and “Enterprise Development with Flex”. Sun Microsystems has nominated and awarded Mr. Fain with the title of Java Champion, which was presented to only a hundred people in the world. He leads the Princton Java Users Group. Yakov is Certified Adobe Flex Instructor.

Meeting Location and Time

Online meeting via Adobe Acrobat Connect
Meeting URL: http://www.meetup.com/atlantaflashplatform/calendar/12916291/
Monday, March 29, 12:30 – 1:30 ET

Please RSVP
Please RSVP for this event.

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