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Adobe Systems Inc. has most recently released Photoshop® Lightroom® 4 which empowers photographers to perfect their images, organize all of their photographs, and share their creative vision—all with one fast, intuitive application. Although this software solution is in its fourth release, we still quite often have customers that ask, “What is the difference between Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom.” The short answer is Adobe Photoshop Lightroom provides all the tools you need for digital photography in one intuitive solution. Lightroom helps photographers work fast and efficiently, while maintaining the highest quality. Adobe Photoshop software is the industry standard in digital image editing, with advanced tools for detailed, pixel-level editing and working with multi-layered files.

The second question is usually, “Why should I use Lightroom if I already have Photoshop?” Lightroom is designed to boost your efficiency by handling all the tasks a digital photographer faces in one intuitive environment. It includes powerfully simple one-click adjustments, as well as the widest range of advanced tools for efficiently processing sets of images, organizing photo libraries, and sharing images.

To see Adobe Lightroom 4 in action, check out the Lightroom Youtube channel and some of the feature videos that they are posting there:

“The improvements in Lightroom’s Development module are so significant, and so much better than what we’ve ever had before, that I think you’ll be hard-pressed to find most anyone still using Lightroom 3 in just a few months from now. In fact, if they didn’t add another feature, it would still be worth the upgrade just to get better looking images.”
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If you are already familiar with Adobe Lightroom, here is a quick list of the top 10 new features!

1. Highlight and shadow recovery—Bring out all the detail that your camera captures in dark shadows and bright highlights. Now you have more power than ever before to make great images under challenging lighting conditions.

2. Photo book creation—Create beautiful photo books from your images with a variety of easy-to-use templates included in Lightroom, and then upload your book for printing with just a few clicks.

3. Location-based photo organization—Find and group images by location, easily assign locations to images, or plot a photo journey. Automatically display location data from GPS-enabled cameras and camera phones.

4. Extended video support—Organize, view, and make adjustments and edits to video clips. Play and trim clips, extract still images from them, or adjust clips with the Quick Develop tool.

5. White balance brush—Get more consistent color across your image in scenes with mixed lighting sources. A flexible brush lets you refine and adjust white balance in targeted areas of your shot.

6. 4 Additional editing brushes—Expand your creative control by targeting particular areas of your images using new local editing brushes for noise reduction and moiré removal.

7. Video publishing—Easily share video clips in HD format on Facebook and Flickr.® Or save HD clips formatted for phones, tablets, TV, and more.

8. Soft proofing—Save time and ink and help ensure your prints meet your expectations. Soft proofing lets you preview how an image will look when printed with color-managed printers.

9. Enhanced online sharing integration—Easily post images to more social media and photo sharing sites like Facebook and Flickr®. With selected sites, online comments about your images are visible within Lightroom.

10. Emailing from Lightroom—Email images directly from Lightroom using the email account of your choice.
Importing libraries from other software—Bring the power and elegance of Lightroom to all your images, new and old. Easily import photos from other applications.

Another notable, if not very important feature is a BIG price drop! The price is now only US$149 for the full version (half the price of the last version), and just $79 to upgrade from any previous version (LR1, LR2, or LR3) Students and teachers can purchase the full education edition for $79. And there is free shipping for all Lightroom 4 products until March 31st.

  • Highlight and shadow recovery
  • Photo book creation
  • Location-based photo organization
  • Extended video support
  • White balance brush
  • Additional editing brushes
  • Video publishing
  • Soft proofing
  • Enhanced online sharing integration
  • Emailing from Lightroom

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